How dare we?

Listen. Let’s be honest.  We both knew this was going to be a bumpy ride.  MVM was started by two guys with families and highly demanding full time jobs.  We were trying to have a POST A DAY.  Who did we think we were, Mashable? How long could we really keep this up? So here we sit.  A website that still gets thousands of unique visitors a month, that still gets emails from companies asking us to review their products, and continually gets brought up in our conversations with people. At some point, at least in a small way, we must have been doing SOMETHING right?!

So we are going to give it another fair shake. (Shakes fist wildly)  Please feel free to send words of encouragement as we try to provide you with fun articles, interesting products, and cool reviews despite our busy schedules.  Remember that we are just two guys without prefect grammar, spelling, or sometimes coherent thoughts.  We will try to get better with that and make the website better.  This will come with time.

We were starting to become a community.  Not just a website that reviews stuff, but a place where we can all discuss what it means to be a Modern Vintage Man.  We were a collective and we have let you down.

We’re sorry.

We now return to regularly scheduled programming of contests, reviews, and shenanigans.


Powerbag Instant Messenger Review

Forget the wheel and sliced bread, and move over Flowbee (what’s a Flowbee? Check the video at the bottom of the post).  Powerbag has upped the ante and pushed all its chips to the center of the table with a stylish messenger bag that combines the history of everyday luggage with a future of utilitarian pragmatism.   It’s creators have made a quantum leap forward towards a more significant science fiction reality world.  We can now carry our portable electronic devices with no fear of running out of power.  We all know that the average battery life of many smartphones is around two webex seminars, nine YouTube music videos, or one pertinent conversation with our spouse about whether to pick up Chinese takeout, or meet them at the food court.  Never fear, the Powerbag Messenger’s 6000mAh battery can charge the average smartphone 4 times. Continue Reading…

Man Rules: Restaurant Dining

As you have undoubtedly noticed (at least our faithful readers anyways) our posts this summer have been less than regular.  This is mostly due to the fact that, between Matt and myself, we have been away for a combined month and a half.  But our summers have come to a close and things are getting back to normal.  Now, during this time abroad, I had the opportunity to dine out at a variety of different restaurants for the majority of my meals.  During this time I observed many different situations and scenarios and I feel a discourse is needed on the art of dining out.  So, my long lost friends, let’s begin. Continue Reading…

iPad Sleeve from Rickshaw Bagworks

Photo Aug 07, 10 41 53 AM

Obviously, if you have been reading our blog for any amount of time, you know we love everything coming from Rickshaw Bagworks.  It was our affinity for them that sort of helped propel our blog to begin with.  That being said, I was always uber attached to my previous iPad case that I bought from Apple and was skeptical of anything that I might use instead of it.  That was until Rickshaw sent me their iPad Sleeve for review.  It fits my old iPad, just like it fits the new one!

Continue Reading…

The Quintessential American Messenger Bag: Courierware

Like Leonard Nimoy, I am always “In Search Of” what is out there.  I happen to love bags.  I buy them in thrift stores and yard sales, and I even take people’s castaways.  It is difficult to find that perfect bag.  I have a friend whose wife makes him give away some bags every once in awhile,

Continue Reading…

Know Your Place: The Importance of Geography

Growing up I was fortunate enough to be in a family that went on a summer vacation every year.  Whether it was the beach, the mountains, the coast of Maine or the deserts of Arizona, I knew every summer I could count on getting to go somewhere on vacation.  There was one particular event that always marked the approach of one of these trips.  This was something that, while not overly significant in and of itself, was a clear indicator that something great was coming. Continue Reading…

Smell Like a REAL Man – Juniper Ridge Review

Recently, the idea of “smelling like a man” has become something of a media and marketing phenomenon. Seriously, if you don’t recognize this guy:

then you have probably been living under a rock for the past couple years.  But let’s think about this.  Is that guy up there on the white horse, wearing white capris, with a shirt tied around his neck really a representation of manliness? No, my good sir, I don’t believe it is. Continue Reading…

Jim Harold from Goorin Brothers Reviewed

Photo Jun 06, 10 12 39 AM

For years, I wouldn’t wear hats.  Everything I wore on my head looked ridiculous.  My cranium is enormous, that’s the reality of it. I feel sorry for my son because he is destined to have a big head.  However, that was until I found Goorin Brothers.  Not only do they offer high quality hats at affordable pricing, they are very stylish, and best of all they have a size that can fit my ridiculously large head.  So when Goorin Brothers sent us a hat to review (after some groveling on our part), I was elated.  Especially since I had no idea what I might be getting.

Continue Reading…

Sardinia Shoes from JShoes Review


When I started talking to JShoes, I knew they would be a fantastic fit for my wife to review.  She has still been sporting her shoes since the review after agonizing over WHICH of their shoes she would review.  I don’t dress as classy as Tim.  I needed something that could fit my casual wear and that I could pull off.  JShoes has several good options and I actually have two different pairs from them to review, but I thought I would start with my personal favorite and my NEW everyday shoe.

Continue Reading…

Tucker & Bloom North to South Messenger Bag

Let’s see, so far we have reviewed an array of bags from companies like Rickshaw Bagworks, Timbuk2, Topo Design, BaileyWorks, and Powerbag.  Today as we prepare to take a look at the North to South Messenger from Tucker & Bloom, you may be wondering, “what in the world could be different about this bag?”  Well that’s one of the great things about reviewing these bags.  Each bag brings a different approach and style to your carrying needs.  As we look at this bag from Tucker & Bloom, you will see that it sets itself apart from the others in several aspects.  Don’t believe me?  Come on, I would never lie to you! Continue Reading…

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