Tim has sat down more times than he is proud of and tried to write an effective “about me” paragraph or two.  He has always struggled with what he should put, how he should word or, even things as silly and seemingly pointless as what order he should put things in.  It’s not that there’s a great deal to say about Tim, he just understands the importance of a first impression and when it comes to the cyber world, the “about me” is exactly that.

The basics go like this.  Tim is a Christian, 26 years old and is married to a beautiful woman named Jessica.  He is a full-time Youth Minister and lives in Indiana.

With that information you now have a general idea of who Tim is and what he is about; to some extent.  The rest fills in something like this: a few years ago Tim realized that he makes no sense where he lives.  Franklin, Indiana is a town of about 30,000 on the south side of Metropolitan Indianapolis.  It has grown up quite a bit in the 26 years Tim has lived there, but still maintains it’s strong roots as a farming community and what not.  That being said, when he goes to Walmart wearing a suit, tie, and a fedora (if the weather calls for it or the mood strikes him) he gets some confused looks.  Combine that with his love for cycling and habit of spending many hours of the day on a bike riding through town admist the diesel trucks and angry soccer moms, he gets even more odd looks (and the occasional angry shouts).

Tim acknowledges there is so much of life that he has not experienced yet.  That’s where the inspiration for Tim’s portion of this blog comes from.  Tim woke up one morning and realized that he felt as though modern culture has forgotten what it means to be a man.  Becoming frustrated with the state of manliness in our society, he set out to find what it means to be a man today and how he can help others in his quest.  He looks forward to the future and the journey he has begun with this blog.


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