JackBacks Real Wood iPhone Accessories Review

Just like many of you, my iPhone is an extension of myself.  Even though I hate to admit it, I love my iPhone and honestly can’t imagine going back to life without it.  It has become such a vital tool for my life that not having it with me feels like not having a piece of my brain.  It’s sad, but true.  Now I love just about everything about my iPhone and really don’t have anything I can complain about regarding any aspect of it.  Almost.  There is one thing about my iPhone that has bothered me ever since I switched from my Motorola DroidX: it looks just like every other iPhone.

If you have spent any time researching or using a variety of different cell phones, then you probably know what I am getting at.  For instance, every Android handset on the market (all 50 billion of them) has, in some way or another, a unique design or physical feature that makes it recognizable from the plethora of similar handsets out there.  Now, in some ways this universally identical form Apple has stuck with works for it’s benefit.  You know an iPhone as soon as you see it.  Whereas, if you are not terribly versed in Android handsets, you may have no idea how to distinguish a Samsung Galaxy S from a Droid Bionic.  But here’s the thing, Apple spent millions of dollars perfecting their form factor and making it exactly what they (or at least Steve Jobs) wanted. And what do all of us iPhone owners do?  We go out and buy some case to cover up and personalize this otherwise, let’s face it, kind of boring looking phone.

Recently I shucked the case from my iPhone and began carrying it without anything on it.  I did this for a couple reasons:

  1. Apple spent millions developing this phone, so why cover it up?
  2. Every case or “tool of personalization” I came across added bulk to this very slim device, which I hated.  If I am going to constantly carry this thing in my pocket, I want it to be as unobtrusive as possible.
  3. I pay a monthly fee for a total protection plan for my iPhone.  So why spend another $50+ on a cover that is supposed to protect it from drops?

This is where the JackBack Real Wood Accessories comes into play.  The Mahogany Premium Back Replacement that I received accomplished two things:

  1. Allowed me the possibility of personalizing my iPhone and making it unique
  2. Did not add any bulk (I actually found this replacement back to be noticeably lighter than the factory back).

Simply put, it makes my phone look cool and manly. I would argue that wood is definitely the most “Vintage and Manly” material around.  Whenever I pull my iPhone out, the reaction I get from other people at the sight of my Mahogany JackBack is always the same.

“Wow, is that your iPhone?!”

Me: “Why yes it is.”

“But, what’s on the back of it?”

Me: “Oh, that’s a piece of Mahogany.”

“Wow. That’s really cool.”

The guys at JackBack take great care to make sure the replacement backs do not interfere with normal functionality of the iPhone.  The holes for the camera and light sensor are perfectly spaced and in no way interfere with taking pictures.  The fit is flush with the sides and feels exactly the same as having the normal back on there (except of course this one is made of wood).

So if you are looking for a great way to personalize your iPhone without adding unwanted bulk, head on over to JackBacks and take a look around.  They have products starting at just $19 to suit your personal taste. If you want to take your customization to the next level, they offer engraving/etching of their products and even show you how to create your own design.


  •  Added style without the added bulk
  • With the engraving options, literally endless personalization of the product
  • Each premium back includes all the tools you need to safely and easily remove the original back and apply the Real Wood Replacement Back.


  • Does not add any element of protection to your device.  However it does appear they are working on wooden cases to meet this need.
  • The price of the premium replacement back may cause you to gasp a bit at $99. However, they have other options starting at just $19 that are still made of real wood.

Modern Vintage Man Score: 4/5

  • Jlorenson

    What does this do to Apple’s warranty?

    • Tim

      That’s a great question. I wish I had a good answer for you. I would say make sure and keep the original back so if there ever is a problem, you can put it back on and not have to worry about it. As to whether or not it voids the warranty, I honestly can’t say.

    • Sara

       There are no physical way to tell if your phone hase been opened.  If for some reason you need to take your phone in for service, simply remove your JackBack and re-install your original iPhone back. It’s very easy to both put them on and take them off

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