Skinth Solutions Review


As a reviewer, a purveyor of fine things if you will, I am constantly having to switch things from one bag to another.  I shouldn’t complain about about such a cool problem, but I am forever moving from bag to bag.  Sometimes the bags are made to hold everything I would carry day to day, but sometimes they are not.  Either way I am left struggling for a time to remember where everything is placed in the new bag, but there is one thing I can’t misplace. My cell phone.  Enter in: Skinth Solutions.

No matter what I am carrying now, I attach this (Skinth Smartphone) along with me.  I have a basic one, but there are so many attachments, you can completely customize your own.  Not that there is anything wrong with it, but I am not the kind of man who attaches his cell phone to his belt.  That would require me to wear a belt regularly.  I do carry a bag with me all the time.  The Skinth allows me to keep my pockets free and gives me quick access to my phone at all times.

I find this especially helpful when riding a bike.  Not only do I have quick access to my cell phone at all time, but my headphones don’t have be dragged all around my body.  I keep things I need quick access to: ID, bank card, Case Knife, and Sharpie pen.  Now when my phone is ringing I don’t have to start digging through my bag to find my iphone, even with bags with easy access it’s a hassle to stop and find it, but with the Skinth I avoid the issue entirely and no matter what I am using it’s quick and easy to attach.

Now because of the version I have my only choice, outside of pulling the straps all the way out of the bag, is to take advantage of the velcro.  However there are tons of attachments you can add on that will fit your needs, something I plan on doing.

(Notice the Timbuk2 bag in the photo? YEAH, review forthcoming)

-Easy Access To Needed Items
-Quick Transfer To Whatever You Need It To
-Works As Well As  A Wallet

-Can’t Be Slipped On Bag (But Attachments Are Sold)

MVM Score: 4.5/5

  • Schmidty

    Timbuk2!? :)

  • Troy Mayfield

    Well, this looks really handy, but, wouldn’t it be better with an obligatory fountain pen instead of a sharpie?  I mean, which points to a vintage man?  Sharpie or Fountain Pen?

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