The Importance Of Journaling (Series)

Call us old fashioned, but we love nothing more than putting a pen to paper.  As the more Modern side of MVM you might think that I would be more inclined to using my iPad to journal, maybe I take notes on a computer, heck, maybe I am so tech advanced I have created something to capture my thoughts, but alas it is not so.  Tim and I are alike in this, that we both love journaling on paper, but we of course still love technology.

What is it about Journaling that we find so appealing?  Why do we both have Rickshaw Folios?  How dare we post a Napoleon Dynamite clip on a Tuesday?  These are all good questions.

Journaling Is Intentional
- Journaling with paper to pen is an intentional act.  Research suggests that it’s like a mini-rehearsal to actually DOING, so writing something down is like almost completing the task.  This study suggests that people that write down their goals accomplish significantly more than those who don’t.  It’s the intentional act of writing it down and making your self accountable that helps spur the things into reality.

Journaling Helps You Remember
-I would love to say that I scoured the interwebs and found you incredible statistics about why writing helps you remember.  I did read about that, but I didn’t have any real STATS to provide.  All I say is from personal experience that it almost seems without fail that if I write something down I will remember it later or at the very least I stumble over it in my journal and remember to accomplish it.  On the contrary if I trust just my brain to remember something it doesn’t happen, ask my wife, because she can name times and she DOES remember everything. It’s really a hassle.


Journaling Has Less Distractions
Luckily, I am writing this from my journal notes, but trying to type this on the computer I have already scanned my Facebook twice, my Twitter three times, and watched 8 Napoleon Dynamite clips after finding the first one.  That’s the problem with trying to accomplish things on my computer, I get distracted.  When I am journaling all I have in front of me is a blank page and endless possibilities.  There is no way for my paper to remind me how hysterical a movie once was to me.

We have more reasons coming as we continue our Journaling series and discuss finding the right journal for you.  (HINT: IT MEANS JOURNAL REVIEWS)

  • Mandy

    As a diehard Moleskine user who has often contemplated switching to a web-based journal (I type very fast), I’m excited to see what journals you recommend! Can you please suggest software as well as paper journals? Thanks!

    • Tim

      Hey Mandy, thanks for comment! That’s a great idea! Matt and I both have some web based services and apps that we use for journal/note taking when the pen and paper just won’t do. We would be happy to talk about what’s out there and see what works and what doesn’t. Thanks again!

  • Chris M

    I am a dyed-in-the-wool Moleskine addict. I have several active journals at any one time. Many of them have leather covers from Renaissance Art. 

    Most of my journaling is processing the events in my life. I am very introverted and need to pre-process things. Journaling helps me do that. Not always more quickly, but faster than if I do not journal at all. I always have a pen (Lamy pens, thank you very much) and Moleskine close by.

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