The Man Who Plans Ahead – Quo Vadis Weekly Planner Review

The ability to plan ahead is a trait that sets truly great men apart.  Planning requires discipline, wisdom, insight, and direction; qualities all men should strive for.  Some men are such great planners that they are able to create and stick to plans without the aid of tools designed for such tasks.  However, if you are anything like me, you are not that lucky. While I understand the importance of planning ahead…I am definitely not naturally equipped to make and stick to plans that exist only in my head.  I need to write things down and keep them in a location that is easily organized and accessible (my brain certainly does not always meet those requirement).

Planning ahead is essentially the by-product of understanding the value of time.  British novelist Arnold Bennett once said

“We need a sense of the value of time — that is, of the best way to divide one’s time into one’s various activities.”

Arnold Bennett, with a sweet tie and mustache

Time is certainly our most valuable commodity.  All of us only have a certain amount of time to accomplish a seemingly never ending amount of tasks.  To meet this demand, a quality planner is something all men should learn to love.  Enter Quo Vadis Planners.

Now there are probably dozens if not hundreds of different companies that make any number of different style planners and notebooks, so what sets Quo Vadis apart?  Starting from their homepage, Quo Vadis helps you decide what style of planner works best for you.  They are not just looking to sell you their most expensive product, they genuinely want to help you determine which planner is best suited for your needs.  Even their name, “Quo Vadis” means “where are you going.”  This company is about helping you see what’s ahead and plan for it.

The good folks at Quo Vadis were kind enough to send Modern Vintage Man a weekly planner to check out and see how it fits into our everyday lives.  As someone who has a plethora of meetings, phone calls, emails to answer, people to see, events to plan and/or attend, a planner notebook is a tool that I really can’t function without.  I have used a variety of different planners in the past, but can honestly say that Quo Vadis sets the bar extremely high. I have come to rely on my Quo Vadis Weekly Planner everyday and use it to help keep track of the goings on in my life.

Quo Vadis planners are made in the USA from recycled products.  They feature a nice heavy paper that does not allow ink bleed through which is great for that fountain pen you have that you have been dying to use! They come in a variety of sizes, layouts, covers, etc. so finding your perfect planner has never been easier.

Our weekly planner came in a very nice black leather cover which can be reused year after year by simply purchasing new diary fillers.  Not only does it include a weekly layout for every week of the year, but also features a section for receipts and payments, maps of the 6 major continents including dedicated maps of just the USA and Canada, a notes section, world time zone map, and a contact book for all those important people in your life.

My Quo Vadis planner has essentially become my life on paper.  It is something I use every day and highly recommend for every man (and woman).


  • Very well organized
  • lots of great features
  • Leather cover is well made
  • Refillable, so you get years of continued use
  • Keeps track of all those crazy thoughts rolling around inside your noggin.


  • This con is more reflective of human nature than an actual default in the product.  Using a planner like this requires discipline on behalf of the owner.  This planner will only work to the ability of oneself to be able to sit down and think out their day.  This will help you plan better, not make you a great planner in and of itself.

Modern Vintage Man Score: 5/5


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